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Can You Get LASIK with Astigmatism?

A young woman is squinting and trying to read her laptop while holding her glasses close to her face with her left hand

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing LASIK surgery but are worried you cannot because you have astigmatism, don’t despair. Many people with astigmatism have successfully undergone LASIK and achieved clearer vision. But there are some considerations, and not everyone with astigmatism is a candidate for LASIK.  Fortunately, your optometrist can help. With consultations and eye […]

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Can Dry Eyes Cause Headaches? Dry Eye Symptoms & Relief

A woman in a white shirt and grey cardigan rubbing her eyes with her hand.

If you’ve ever experienced dry eyes, you already know how unpleasant the symptoms can be. And it’s common for many to experience headaches combined with other dry eye symptoms. While more research is needed to determine how exactly dry eyes and headaches are linked, there does seem to be a connection between them.  Fortunately, many […]

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Myopia Control Lenses: Myopia Management & More

A young child with a stack of books beside him squinting and leaning closer to see more clearly and to be able to take notes.

When it comes to managing myopia, many options are available, like prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. But there are also more specialized options designed to help manage and monitor myopia’s progression to help slow it down. Some myopia management options include using MiSight contacts, Essilor Stellest lenses, and the Topcon MYAH instrument. These three choices […]

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