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The comfort and well-being of your eyes is our top priority. Our optometrists in Orangeville offer high-quality eye care products to meet and exceed your needs. For our dry eye patients, our recommended eye drops, lid hygiene, therapy masks, and supplements can provide you with relief.

We also offer convenient online ordering for contact lenses; please use the form below to order.

Our Eye Care Products

Contact Lenses

We carry contact lenses from CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue), and Alcon. For your convenience, we keep many prescription lenses in stock for purchase once we’ve evaluated your needs in a contact lens exam and fitting.

We offer the I-Med line of specialized dry eye relief eye drops so we can recommend the ideal drop for your needs. These drops include:

We offer the I-Relief hot and cold therapy masks and I-Lid ‘n Lash lid-cleansing wipes for our patients with dry eyes or blepharitis.

Good nutrition is key to healthy eyes. In addition to a healthy diet, we may recommend our patients take an omega-3 supplement, which has been shown to help relieve dry eye symptoms and may protect against other eye diseases and conditions. We stock omega-3 fatty acid supplements from I-Med.

We also retail MacuHealth supplements, a vitamin shown to slow the progression of macular degeneration.

Order Your Contacts Online

Wearing your contact lenses beyond their recommended schedule can cause irritation or even put you at risk of an eye infection. Keep your lenses fresh and comfortable by ordering a fresh box today.

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You can find us just off Broadway and John in the little white standalone building. We are your destination for optometry in Orangeville. Book your appointment today!

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We’re closed for lunch from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM from Monday to Thursday.

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